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Community and Cultural Planning

The Leichhardt Community and Cultural plan comprises an integrated 10 year strategic service plan, supported by a 4 yr service delivery plan, that addresses the social and cultural aspirations and challenges of the Leichhardt Local Government Area. 

Ten Year Strategic Plan

Local governments have a specific role in planning for local communities in a way that builds on community strengths, while responding to the current and future situations predicted by social research. With a ten year outlook, this Plan will see Council work with the community to achieve shared strategic objectives:

1. Connecting people to each other.

2. Connecting people to place.

3. Developing community strengths and capabilities.

4. Enlivening the arts and cultural life.

5. Promoting health and wellbeing.

Ten Year Strategic Plan - Entire document

Download the full pdf-new-icon.gif Ten Year Strategic Plan - CCP (PDF 9.7MB)

Ten Year Strategic Plan - Individual Elements

Four Year Service Delivery Plan

The Service Delivery Plan has been developed in response to the 10-year Leichhardt Community and Cultural Plan 2011 to 2021 (the Community and Cultural Plan). The Community and Cultural Plan describes how Council, along with other stakeholders in the community, will work together to achieve community and cultural aspirations. The Service Delivery Plan:

  • outlines the actions, activities and programs that Council will complete over the next four years in partnership with the community to meet the Strategic objectives, outcomes and Strategies outlined in the Community and Cultural Plan, and
  • identifies the responsibilities and resources required to implement the Community
  • and Cultural Plan over the next four years.

Four Year Service Delivery Plan - Entire document

Download the full pdf-new-icon.gifFour Year Service Delivery Plan (PDF 7.2MB)

Four Year Service Delivery Plan - Individual Elements

Research, Studies and Reports

pdf-new-icon.gifCommunity Well Being Survey (PDF 330.7KB)
pdf-new-icon.gifCommunity Facilities Review (PDF 277.4KB)
pdf-new-icon.gifCommunity and Cultural Assets Survey (PDF 82.6KB)
pdf-new-icon.gifCommunity and Cultural Assets Report (PDF 4.4MB)

Significant Projects for 2011/12

  • Social housing community development – projects could include community gardens and gyms and healthy eating and bike building.
  • “Adopt a Plot” gardening program – linking people who can no longer maintain their garden with households wanting to grow vegetables and flowers.
  • Meet Street Greet Grants – funding for community led neighborhood events.
  • Pics in the Park – outdoor movie program over the summer season.
  • Boost – a skills development and capacity building program for young people.
  • Site and Sound – an arts and cultural program in the Leichhardt Town Hall.
  • Exhibition Series – a showcase for local and emerging artists.
  • Walking school buses and shop buses – Council will provide sponsorship to help establish these programs.  

Our Community

Leichhardt Council is always developing associated studies and policies so as to better plan a cater for its community.  A key document that assists in our cultural planning is the Community Profile.   

There are also several key strategic plans that work together. Visit the Planning and Resourcing Our Future pages of the site to see how our key plans inter-relate and work together to help us provide better governance. 

The Community Well Being Polices in the Policies section of the website also provide key details about the thinking that governs our community and cultural planning.