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Footpath Dining Program

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Residents and local businesses have asked that Council look at increasing the number of businesses using the footpath for trading and displaying goods as a way to help improve local retail strips.

To provide further support for local businesses and add vibrancy to our main street shopping areas, Inner West Council is set to boost outdoor dining during 2016/17 by introducing an exciting new trial program across Annandale, Camperdown, Lilyfield, Rozelle, Balmain and Birchgrove.

Footpath Dining Licenses will be completely free of charge for new applications for cafes, bars and restaurants from 1 July 2016 for a 12 month period.

Existing licence holders will also get a huge boost as part of the 2016/17 program, with their annual occupancy fees (which can run into thousands of dollars) cut to a flat fee of just $263 for the 12 month period.

Our goals under the program are straightforward;

  • To increase the number of businesses with footpath dining licences making footpath dining more affordable in the long term
  • To make businesses aware of the economic benefit to them from the additional seating and trading areas by extending out onto the footpath
  • To increase the vibrancy, choice and interest along our mainstreets
  • To make our suburbs renowned as a destination for outdoor dining

And we are extending our fee free trial for A Frames and Small Shopfront Displays on Weekends

Council will also continue with the trial introduced in 2015/16 to help create more interest and activity along our main street precincts, by encouraging small scale displays of up to 3m2 outside shops and businesses particularly on weekends.

This will see the removal of all fees for A-Frame advertising signs and the completely fee free weekend only licence for businesses to display goods and trade in approved areas up to three square meters of footpath outside their business extended throughout 2016/17.

Download our pdf-new-icon.gif Footpath Dining Information Brochure (PDF 1.2MB) here

Application Form

Use the pdf-new-icon.gifTables, Chairs and Obstructions of Footpath Application Form (PDF 178.1KB) to apply for the footpath fee waiver.

Footpath Licence Types at a glance

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Development Control/ Access and Safety Matters

The Leichhardt DCP requires that footpath dining and A Frames where possible be located 600mm from the kerb to provide a 1.5m clear pedestrian access between the dining area and the shopfront as shown in the diagram below. Display type goods on the footpath should also be located in the same area of the footpath wherever possible – consistent with the DCP provisions. See diagram below.

Footpath details

If you have any further questions regarding the trial please contact Council’s compliance team on (02) 9367 9222.