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Employment and Economic Development Plan

Business in the Community – working to deliver the 2025+ Vision

Leichhardt Council has developed an Employment and Economic Development Plan (EEDP) to provide a strategic framework to help realise the community’s vision of a sustainable, liveable and connected community. The EEDP identifies initiatives that are geared towards improving Leichhardt’s local economy by:

  • Supporting, attracting and growing local business
  • Getting the best economic outcomes possible from our key sectors and locations
  • Facilitating strategic and integrated decision making
  • Building relationships, connections and partnerships
  • Improving the social and environmental sustainability of the local economy

The EEDP was developed in consultation with our businesses, residents, land owners, key government bodies and stakeholders to provide a positive framework and direction to guide, support and help promote sustainable economic development in Leichhardt.

Adopted by Council on 25 June 2013, the plan is comprised of a 10 Year Strategic Plan which sets out broad strategies and initiatives and a 4 Year Service Delivery Plan that contains the actions, activities, projects and services that will work to deliver the strategic objectives.

Employment and Economic Development Plan

pdf-new-icon.gifEmployment and Economic Development Plan - 10 Year Strategic Plan (PDF 1.8MB)
pdf-new-icon.gifEmployment and Economic Development Plan  - 4 Year Service Delivery Plan (PDF 927KB)

Background and Supporting Documents

pdf-new-icon.gifSocio Economic Profile (PDF 6.9MB)
pdf-new-icon.gifVacancy Rates Study (PDF 2MB)
pdf-new-icon.gifConsultation Strategy and Outcomes Report (PDF 2.8MB)
pdf-new-icon.gifIssues, Themes, Strategic Directions and Actions Report  (PDF 1.3MB)

If you have any queries concerning the Employment and Economic Development Plan, please contact Andrea Tattam, Economic Development Officer on 9367 9243 or