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Buy Local

Leichhardt Council has introduced the Buy Local program as a way to increase the engagement of local business.


Council procurements broadly fall into three main categories. These include goods purchased that are:

  • already covered by tenders put in place by the State Government, Local Government Procurement (LGP) (part of the Local Government and Shires Association) and the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC)
  • goods tendered directly by Leichhardt Council – usually as a result of the size of the purchase
  • goods which are not required to be tendered under Council’s Purchasing Policy.

Activities to support local business

The following activities are being undertaken to engage with local providers of goods and services:

  • Encourage local businesses to register their interest in supplying goods or services to Council. This is being achieved initially by advertising periodically in Council’s newspaper column and by an insert in Council rates notices, for interested local businesses to provide their details with Council so they can be considered regarding future procurement.
  • Work co-operatively with the Chambers of Commerce to communicate the process to local businesses.
  • Dissemination within Council the details of those local suppliers that register their interest in supplying goods to Council.
  • Ensure a buy-local culture within Council through ongoing staff awareness, with staff required to give consideration to the local suppliers registered with Council.
  • Update Council’s purchasing policy to reflect the buy local principles.

Useful procurement websites

As part of the Buy Local Initiative, Council will also include on its website a link to relevant State Government, LGP & SSROC contract sites to inform businesses of possible opportunities with these organisations. Local businesses registered with Council will be notified of relevant upcoming Council and SSROC tenders.

Register your business


Use this form to register your local business for the Buy Local Program.

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