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Public Art Policy

Enlivening our arts and cultural life Hawthorne Canal Outside

Leichhardt Council has achieved a key objective in Leichhardt’s Community and Cultural Plan.

In March 2014 Council adopted its first Public Art Policy in order to support the arts and cultural life of the community in the public realm.
Council engaged consultants to work with professional staff and community members in developing the Policy, in order to prioritise resources for public arts initiatives in the municipality. The Public Art Policy was identified as one of the community’s top ten priorities in Council’s Community and Cultural Plan. The Public Art Policy will act as a guide for Council and the community in developing innovative ways to complement and build on the unique qualities of our streetscapes, town centres and natural environments. The policy has great potential to enliven the street life of the municipality through a mix of public art's many strands.

The Public Art Policy - 4 year Service Delivery Plan (2014 -18) identifies a number of key actions to introduce both permanent and temporary public art projects into our streets. As public art can take other forms besides the traditional notions of sculpture, the Policy will introduce actions over the next four years incorporating both temporary and permanent public artworks. For example performance based artworks, projections onto buildings, or artworks integrated as part of the infrastructure of our streetscape.

The Public Art Policy has several objectives:

  • to guide place making initiatives and how they can be achieved through public art
  • to guide Council’s acquisition of public art
  • to guide the curation and management of  the community’s public art collection
  • to identify the ways in which public art can be implemented in the community
  • to complement and build on the unique qualities of the various streetscapes and town centres, and
  • to guide Council, the wider community and key stakeholders on managing the art programs in the public domain.

View the pdf-new-icon.gif Public Art Policy - Four Year Service Delivery Plan (PDF 229.4KB) 

View the pdf-new-icon.gif Public Art Policy - Ten Year Strategic Plan (PDF 332KB)

Community input helped shape the Public Art Policy
Hawthorne Canal Interior

The Public Art Policy community consultation took place from 12 November until 12 December, 2012.

As we have a highly creative community Council wanted to ensure the the Public Art Policy captured the community's passion, expertise and know-how. In order to maximise the levels of community input into developing the Public Art Policy, a consultation plan was developed encompassing a number of ways for the community to participate. These options ranged from networking forums to street surveys, to the capture of feedback and comments through social media networks.

In response to the community consultation processes of the Public Art Policy it was clarified that the community strongly supports, and attributes a high value to the capacity of public art to contribute to the public realm. The vast majority of respondents agreed that Public Art can;

  • enhance public places,
  • express civic pride,
  • activate public spaces,
  • express local identity,
  • express local creativity, and
  • tell local stories and create discussion.

For more information about Leichhardt Council’s Public Art Policy please contact Bronwyn Tuohy on 9367-9379 or