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Insight Out of Sight

2012 First Prize Winner Neil Tomkins - Insight Out of Sight Competition


Congratulations to our finalists for the 2013 round of Insight Out of Sight.

Keep a look out for their artwork progressing over the next month

The finalists are:

Box 1: Esther Yaan 

Location: 260 Victoria Road, Rozelle

Box 2: Naomi Chilcott

Location: 266 Victoria Road, Rozelle

Box 3:  Lina Zainal

Location:  James Craig Road and The Crescent , Rozelle

Box 4: Isaac Shelley

Location: Catherine St and Moore St, Leichhardt 

Insight Out of Sight 

Insight Out of Sight is a yearly competition offering canvas space on local traffic signal boxes. Traffic signal boxes are the dull grey boxes that exist at every traffic light. Again this year, judges will be looking for entries that delight, entertain and provoke thought. They are particularly interested in works that evoke a sense of spirit and place for the area.  A short history of each site is available to artists in the Box Locator document and entrants are encouraged to conduct their own research about the box site they choose. Traffic signal boxes are an ideal size to become community art canvasses, and are an approachable scale for both new and more established practising artists.

Apart from winning a cash prize and the valuable promotional opportunity to showcase their skills, Insight offers a bite size opportunity for emerging artists wanting to develop their public art portfolio.

6th and final year

Its time to recognise the end of the Insight Out of Sight Competition after this year's run. It's been a great process, with contributions by many creative souls, who have contributed witty, meaningful, and site specific works on otherwise ugly traffic signal boxes. After this year, we will have come to a point where we have painted all the boxes that have been assessed safe                Neil Tomkins - Insight Winner 2012
enough to paint. In the future, individual artists will be comissioned to paint
boxes if and when needed.

Thank you to all the artists who have given their time and expertise to the community, in the past five years of Insight, and we look forward to seeing the final four designs installed this year.  


4 boxes = 4 Prizes

1st $1000 ( x 1 )
2nd $500 ( x 1 )
3rd $250 ( x 2 )

All materials are supplied for the implementation of artworks.

Closing Date

5pm, Monday 12th August

Entry Forms and Guidelines

pdf-new-icon.gif   Insight Guidelines (PDF 23KB)
pdf-new-icon.gif   Insight  Entry Form (PDF 16.5KB) 
pdf-new-icon.gif   Agreement to Supervise Young Person (PDF 16.3KB)
pdf-new-icon.gifInsight Box Locator 2013 (PDF 668.6KB)  

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2012 Winners 

1st Place
Neil Tomkins

Equal 2nd Place
Angus and Alan Cadogan

Equal 3rd Place
Dan White
Hannah Cadogan
Janne Birkner

2011 Winners

1st place
Chris Whelan - Darling St, Rozelle ( near Victoria Rd intersection)

Equal 2nd Place
Alan Cadogan - Church St, Balmain
Soraya Abidin - Loyalty Square, Balmain

Equal 3rd Place
Graham Byrne
Hannah Cadogan
Angela Cranston
Sharon Jacobsen
Jada Supramaniam 

2010 Winners

1st Place 
Ffranses Ingram      

Equal 2nd place 
Leonora Howlett         
Chris Whelan 

Equal Third place:
Soraya Abidin                    
Cecily Black                    
Gilbert Walden               
Paden Hunter