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Birrung Art Space

Birrung Art SpaceBirrung Art Space is located at Birrung Park, Donnelly Street, Balmain. It is a project that takes an innovative approach to fostering creativity and reduce graffiti, whereby a partnership was developed with a crew of aerosol artists in 1995, which has continued to this day. This collaborative approach to graffiti management has improved the site remarkably.

The space has been recognised for many years by artists as ideal for painting, and at the commencement of the partnership, Birrung Park was looking very run down. The Birrung Park Art Space is not a legal wall, and this project formalised a framework to allow a group of artists to work in the space safely and legally. This way on a regular basis the site is repainted offering locals a new series of artworks to enjoy.

Birrung Art Space is facilitated by Leichhardt Council in partnership with Community Artists and a Project Co-ordinator.