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Artist of the Month

Showcasing the work of artists who live and/or work in the area.

Richard Cutler - Gigi

Richard Cutler - The Cellist
The Cellist

Our September 2017 Artist of the Month is Richard Cutler


Acrylic on board


Richard was born in 1944. From the age of 15 he has been painting to counteract his puritanism. He was lucky enough to find a profound art teacher, John Ogburn who he was with for many years.

He has exhibited yearly, first in the coop gallery in Harrington Street, Chippendale and now with the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre where he has been president for 6 years.

He now spends his time between the fresh air of the Blue Mountains and the vibrancy of the inner west.

He concentrates on painting from life, mythical and devotional works. His influence include El Greco for his ferocity and grace, Van Gogh for his down to earth generosity of spirit and Chagall for his humour and his joining of heaven and earth.

He loves what Degas said that “in art you do not marry it legitimately but you ravish it”.

Current Work

"Sunday Morning"

Upcoming Exhibitions

Glenbrook Hall - Life drawing and painting exhibition from 15 September 2017.




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