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Skulk Wins the White's Valley Creek Mural Commission  

Skulk has been commissioned to paint a mural as part of the White’s Creek/ Love Your Lane  Improvement Program. His work will depict a series of animal and human-like shapes, flattened and repeated in a top to tail pattern.

Skulk said of the inspiration for his impending mural,
“As the local area was originally Aboriginal land, the creek may have held a significance to the Indigenous peoples, as a source for food, drinking water, for bathing, play and a spiritual link to the Dreaming. I have taken this idea as a source of inspiration for the design. A rolling creek runs through the design, with symbols of sun, gathering place and other indigenous significance are scattered throughout. Imagery of lilly pads, tall grass and water are used to fill the background, reflecting the long grasses and other flora at the site.”

You might catch Skulk at work during August as the rear of 51 John Street in Leichhardt, and along the White’s Creek Lane corridor.


Love Your Lane Mural Commission

Closing date: Monday 27 June, 2016

A opportunity exists for a suitably qualified mural artist or artists to paint a mural in the White's Creek Lane corridor. This area is a part of a joint community and Council improvement program.

The mural will be one component in several designed to improve the location for locals, pedestrians, cyclists and visitors. Interested community members have already been meeting to devise components of the program and have requested the implementation of a mural in the corridor.

 Please find further details about the commission here - Whites Creek Lane Commission (PDF 85.2KB)

 See below a section taken from the Love Your Lane promotional flyer about improvements 

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