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Art on the Greenway


View temporary environmental artworks in public space 24/7 - Thursday 11 - Monday 22 May, 2017.



For the third year, Inner West Council offered artists interested in Environmental Art a chance to win funds to create a temporary artwork for installation on the GreenWay, Cooks River to Iron Cove green corridor. Eight artists have been commissioned to install artworks for exhibition over for ten days as featured event of the Inner West Open Studio Trail period in May 2017. Their works will be on exhibition between Wednesday 10 - Tuesday 23 May, 2017.

Please join us to Officially open Art on The GreenWay and the Inner West Open Studio Trail on Saturday 13 May, 5.30-8.30pm.

IWOSTLaunch2017 650


The 8 successful applicants for Art on The GreenWay 2017 have been decided. These applicants have each won a $1,000 grant to realise and install their environmental artworks. The Art on The GreenWay exhibition will be at the Canal Road Hub, and Lilyfield Road Bridge area during this year's Inner West Open Studio Trail.

The successful Art on The GreenWay Artists for 2017 are:

Allyson Adeney
Allesandro Berini and Selina Springett
Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana
Mandy Burgess and Ro Murray
Janny Grant
Sally Kidall
Stephanie Powell
Elizabeth West

Congratulations all!

The 2017 Art on the GreenWay artworks can be found in the area highlighted in the map below by a "seven" shape. This area is located on Canal Road, Lilyfield (near Blackmore Oval), and around to the Lilyfield Road Pedestrian Bridge

On the Greenway - site plan-2.jpg

Works commissioned in 2016:

1/ Lilyfield Bridge Waste to Art Commission - 1 grant of $10,000

Sally KidallArtonTheGreenWay2016Sally Kidall "In the bag: when is enough enough?"

2/ Canal Road Hub Environmental Art Commissions - 5 grants at $1,000 each


Ro Murray "High Tide"


Sandra Winkworth "Freeloader in the Greenway"

Waste to art grantSPringettBeriniSrpak-4

Selina Springett Alessandro Berini and Kresho Srpak - "Making Waves"


Kassandra Bossell - "Black Prince"


Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana - "Bubble"

Interested artists were requested to supply evidence of previous works in this field of artistic investigation, photographs of an existing work, or indicative sketches, and a budget with all inclusions required for the installation of the work.

To view the works installed as part of the first Art on the GreenWay, please see images below.

EPA logo

Art on the Greenway is partly supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy 



Project Brief

Download the project brief for both the Lilyfield Bridge Waste to Art Commission and the Canal Road Hub Environmental Art Commissions Here (PDF 432.1KB)

Any questions? Email 

Art on the GreenWay Site
The site for the Art on the GreenWay environmental art installations is the section of the Canal Road Hub in Lilyfield as indicated by the  below map  and visible as the “7” shape. The site encompasses the area near to Blackmore Oval, and runs under the City West Link, and onto the Lilyfield Road Bridge (Lilyfield Road - this site is available to Waste to Art Commission applicants only.)


Art on the Greenway is partly supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy


Art on the GreenWay 2015

Visit Studio No 26 on the LOST Map to see how local artists have responded to the site at the Canal Road Hub on the Greenway, just under the City West Link and near to Blackmore Oval. The artists have been invited to create works that are temporary, environmental, and that respond to the site in which they will be exhibited - which is our beloved GreenWay, a 5km green corridor which runs from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.

Participating artists include Sally Kidall, Bernadette Smith, Dr Mark Elliot-Ranken, Janny Grant, and artist team Selina Springett and Alessandro Berini.

These six artists have been working on the designs that they submitted for inclusion in Art on The GreenWay, over the relatively short timeframe of six weeks. Their installations use a variety of natural and man-made materials, sound and solar equipment, photography, bamboo, grass, and more.

Mark the navigators.jpg  Janny Grany - Woodland Portal 2-sm.jpg  Bernadette Smith-Underneath the Arches-sm.jpg   

Mark Elliot-Ranken                            Janny Grant                                Bernadette Smith                                                        

               Sally Kidall-Art on the Table-Time for Action.jpg    Alex and Selina.jpg                    

                  Sally Kidall                                                                              Selina Springett & Alessandro Bernini