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Traditional Owners

Cadigal People
Although exact boundaries cannot be determined it is believed the Cadigal clan stretched along the south side of Port Jackson from South Head to about Petersham.
Wangal People
The Wangal people were believed to have occupied the area from about Petersham, along the southern shore of the Parramatta River to about Rosehill.

It was believed that the boundary for the two clans lay along the Balmain peninsula, suggesting that Leichhardt, Lilyfield, north-west part of Rozelle and north-west part of Balmain belonged to the Wangal people, with Annandale , south-east part of Rozelle, Birchgrove and south-east part of Balmain to the Cadigal people.

How to acknowledge the traditional owners of the Leichhardt Municipality

There are two ways in which you can acknowledge the Aboriginal traditional owners of the LeichhardtMunicipality:

Welcome to Country
The first is by employing the services of an Aboriginal elder to perform a “Welcome to Country”. A Welcome to Country can only be given by an Elder of the local Aboriginal community, unless permission is given to another member of that community.

An Elder generally is a Aboriginal person who has the cultural knowledge of their people, either traditional or contemporary knowledge, and has the respect of their community.To make contact with an appropriate Elder, contact Council’s Aboriginal Community Development Officer or the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Acknowledgement of Country
The other way to acknowledge Aboriginal traditional owners is by performing an “Acknowledgement of Country”. An Acknowledgement of Country can be performed by any non-Aboriginal person or any Aboriginal person who is not originally from that area. Two basic points about an Acknowledgement of Country is to ensure that you acknowledge the Aboriginal clan and/or country for where you are meeting and to acknowledge the descendents of those people who are still with us today.