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Aboriginal Heritage

The only known Aboriginal sites within Leichhardt, eight altogether, are located in two areas at Callan Point within the grounds of Rozelle Hospital, and at Yurulbin Point's parts of the municipality's natural shoreline that have remained largely undisturbed. 

Evidence of whatever other sites existed has been destroyed by extensive reclamation of the shoreline and development. 

The five sites identified at Callan Point are shell middens in sheltered areas close to the water's edge where groups camped or stopped for a meal. 

These middens which, like other sites in Port Jackson, contain rock oysters, cockles, mussels and Terrebralia shells, have been dated at about 4,500 years old. 

The three other sites have been identified on private land. Two are midden sites located under rock overhangs, and the other is an art site with hand stencils and a charcoal outline of a shark.