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Greenway LogoThe GreenWay is an urban green corridor in Sydney's Inner West that runs from the Cooks River to Iron Cove following the route of the Rozelle to Dulwich Hill freight rail corridor currently being converted to a light rail passenger service. See more about the Light Rail.

The GreenWay provides an important off-road cycle and pedestrian route from Cooks River to Iron Cove Bridge and most importantly it is a vital part of the integrated transport project with the Inner West Light Rail.

While the State Government announced that funding for the long-awaited GreenWay had been cut due to budget and design problems, the four GreenWay councils (Ashfield, Canterbury, Leichhardt and Marrickville) have produced a joint study of the GreenWay’s missing links. Now the GreenWay councils hope to approach the State Government with a view to partnering with them to complete the GreenWay Shared Path. 

Greenway Missing Link Study Now Available

The Missing Link Study was completed in October 2016.

pdf-new-icon.gifGreenway Missing Link Study (PDF 8.5MB)

The study guides the future development of the Greenway by the four Councils having identified that nearly half of the Greenway has already been completed and that there are 13 missing links on the route.  Leichhardt has committed to completing two if its link during 2016. (Link K and N)

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Greenway Missing Links Map

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Greenway Links map