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Save Our Public Housing

Join Leichhardt Council’s campaign to Save Our Public Housing in our local community.

Public Meeting: Thursday 10 April, Balmain Leagues Club

Read the pdf-new-icon.gifMinutes from the Save Our Public Housing Meeting - 10 April 2014 (PDF 36.7KB)

Recently the O’Farrell Government announced plans to sell off 300 Housing NSW properties in Millers Point and to evict the tenants living there.

The sale of these properties, located adjacent to the Barangaroo redevelopment, is expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. It would also destroy the community.

Leichhardt Council is concerned that this sets a dangerous precedent. Housing NSW owns a large amount of housing stock in Leichhardt Municipality and neighbouring municipalities and this may be targeted next.

Having people from different social and economic backgrounds living together in the same local community is what makes our neighbourhoods great.

Now is the time for us to stand up and fight to protect public housing in the Leichhardt Municipality and across the inner city, before we come under attack.

In determining to sell the properties in Millers Point, NSW Community Services Minister Pru Goward and her Department have:

  • Ignored its own Social Impact Assessment, which recommended that some proceeds should be used to build new social housing in and around the suburb.
  • Further ignored the Social Impact Assessment report, by Cred Community Planning, which urged that the government help provide new affordable housing for key workers in Millers Point.
  • Failed to consult the Heritage Office, although the Millers Point public housing, and its community, falls under the protection of the NSW Heritage Act.

Join our campaign to protect our public housing and the diversity of our communities.

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