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Light Rail

Light Rail

Light Rail Works July 2016

Light rail construction is continuing in Lilyfield from July 2016.

What is happening in Lilyfield?

ALTRAC Light Rail will continue construction of the Lilyfield Light Rail Depot, adjacent to Lilyfield Road and Catherine Street.

The depot will be used by light rail drivers as well as maintenance facility operators to repair and service light rail vehicles.

This work is taking place between 1 July and 1 October 2016.

Work locations and activities

Work will take place within the Lilyfield Light Rail Depot site, adjacent to Lilyfield Road and Catherine Street.

Work times

Where possible, work will occur during standard day time hours to minimise impacts as much as possible:

  • Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm
  • Saturday, 8am to 5pm.

Impacted stakeholders will be notified in advance of any night work, should it be required.

Details of work activities

Site establishment – includes: installation of fencing and hoardings around worksites, removal of existing rail infrastructure, construction of a temporary car park, installation of temporary site offices, laydown areas, and temporary access roads.
Investigation work – includes: surveying and locating services before trenching and excavating the road surface and footpaths to test utility pits and condition of utilities.
Utility work – includes: investigating and potentially relocating or installing new utilities, sewer relocation and utility protection work, culvert and storm water drainage installations.
Earthworks – includes: bringing in, laying and compacting ground fill.
Vegetation work – includes: protecting trees, trimming branches, mulching and possible tree or shrub removal.
Equipment and vehicles for this work may include radar detection and survey equipment, flood lights, vacuum excavation trucks, coring and drilling machines, saw cutters, chainsaws, excavators, rollers, bobcats, cranes, water carts, trucks, front end loaders and traffic control vehicles.

How will work affect you?

Traffic and pedestrian arrangements:

  • Access for local traffic and emergency services will be maintained at all times.
  • Disruption of access to buildings, driveways and pedestrian footpaths and crossings will be minimised at all times. Traffic control will be in place to direct pedestrians safely around operations.

For the latest information on traffic changes, construction dates and locations visit or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

Noise and dust

You may experience some noise during this work. Noise monitoring will be conducted and, where practical, mitigation measures will be used to minimise impacts as much as possible. Respite periods will be provided for high noise work, such as saw cutting, jack hammering and rock breaking. |

Any dust generating activities will be watered down and stockpiles will be managed to minimise dust.

Every effort will be made to reduce the impact to residents and businesses while work takes place.

Future work

This notification is for work from 1 July to 1 October 2016.

Light rail work will continue after this time and we will post further notices as we receive them.

Keeping you informed

Sydney Light Rail will send periodic updates as work progresses in this area, and advanced notification of overnight and weekend work.

Please visit for all current construction notifications.

light rail works july 16 small

Image above: map layout of work area for the Lilyfield Depot. Image taken in April 2016 (prior to demolition works). Click on image to enlarge.

Contact information

We apologise for any disruption or inconvenience caused during this important work.

For general project enquiries, please call 1800 684 490 or email If you have any urgent enquiries or complaints during these works, please contact the 24-hour Construction Response Line on 1800 775 465.

For more information on CBD changes, visit For further details on CBD and South East light Rail, visit

The Light Rail Project

The former Leichhardt Councilsupported the extension of the light rail system for many years. As far back as 2005, the former Leichhardt Council was leading the campaign for the extension of the existing light rail which currently ends at Lilyfield all the way to Dulwich Hill.

The nine new light rail stops at Leichhardt North, Hawthorne, Marion, Taverners Hill, Lewisham West, Waratah Mills, Arlington, Dulwich Grove and Dulwich Hill are now complete and operational.

Traffic lights at Marion Street and Darley Road have been completed.

90% of streetscape works are also complete as well as all the new station signage.

An MoU is currently being finalised for the maintenance and upkeep of the residual areas of the corridor.

Find Information on the Light Rail Project

The timeline of 2014 has been set for the operation of the light rail. For more information visit the Transport for NSW website.

You can also read the Transport NSW Current Work Community Notifications here

History of the Light Rail Project

Further information can about the history of the proposal can also be found on the Department of Planning website.

Proposed Light Rail Project Environmental Impact Statement Submissions

Council recently received a petition from local residents expressing concerns about the location of the Light Rail Repair and Maintenance Facility in Rozelle.

As a result our Officers prepared an additional submission to the State Government regarding the environmental impact that this facility would have.

In it, Council specifically addressed issues such as: 

  • A repeated request that any early morning start up and evening maintenance should take place inside the proposed maintenance facility.
  • A request for detailed information on the location and type of vegetation that may be removed along Lilyfield Road, and how they will compensate for that loss.
  • A recommendation that landscaping within the rail corridor be planned to soften its visual impact.
  • A request that the Department formally consult with local residents regarding the proposed Rozelle Light Rail Maintenance Depot.

pdf-new-icon.gifRead Council's Submission to the CBD and South East Light Rail Project Environmental Impact Statement (PDF 351.3KB)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader 
pdf-new-icon.gifRead Council's Supplementary Submission to the CBD and South East Light Rail Project Environmental Impact Statement (PDF 20.8KB)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader