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Lords Road Forced Rezoning


The Department of Planning and Environment is forcibly rezoning industrial land at 67-73 Lords Road in West Leichhardt, to allow for a residential development of up to 315 units.

The former Leichhardt Council was opposed to this rezoning of one of the last pieces of industrial land in Leichhardt.

The loss of this land will mean the loss of local jobs and services, and it will not just affect Leichhardt.

The city of Sydney needs industrial land within easy reach of the Central Business District. Council has worked to retain a mix of land uses in the Municipality and considers this rezoning short sighted.

The State government’s own Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031 and the Draft Inner West Sub-Regional Strategy both highlight the need for retention of employment lands.

Apartment blocks of up to eight storeys in the middle of a residential neighbourhood will cause overshadowing of neighbouring properties and encroach on their privacy.

Traffic will be disrupted, with increased vehicles movements and narrowed roads, particularly for the public school across the road.

The school will also be expected to cater to possibly hundreds of new students.

The Department of Planning has used the draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy as basis for the rezoning – a document still in draft form and with no legal status.

Open Letter

The former Leichhardt Council has written an open letter to the Premier. Please feel free to print this off and circulate it amongst your neighbourhood.

Letters can be forwarded to Council care of Media and Communications Unit, PO Box 45, Leichhardt NSW 2040.

You can download a copy of the letter here. (PDF 129KB)


In May 2014 a Planning Proposal request was submitted to Council seeking to amend Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan 2013 to facilitate the redevelopment of 67-73 Lords Road, Leichhardt.

The Proposal included rezoning the site from Industrial (IN2) to Medium Density Residential (R3) and changing the Floor Space Ratio planning control across the site to 2.4:1.

The proposed development included four residential blocks ranging from four to eight storeys, resulting in approximately 315 residential dwellings.

At the Ordinary Meeting held on 26 August 2014 Council resolved not to support the Planning Proposal for the following reasons:

  • persistent demand and a low and decreasing supply of industrial land means a rezoning would dilute Council’s ability to provide sufficient industrial land to accommodate demand;
  • inconsistent with s.117 Direction 1.1 Business and Industrial Zones;
  • the Proposal did not comply with provisions relating to the retention of employment lands included in the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031 and the Draft Inner West Sub-regional Strategy;
  • the Proposal did not provide an economic study adequately justifying the proposed rezoning;
  • the proposed rezoning would result in a net loss of jobs in the local government area;
  • the proposed rezoning would result in the loss of an economically viable employment lands precinct;
  • the Proposal did not have merit when assessed against the criteria established by the Leichhardt Employment and Economic Development Plan 2013-2023; Page 8
  • the Proposal was not supported by an appropriate Net Community Benefit Test addressing the wider issue of cumulative loss of employment lands in Leichhardt LGA;
  • the Proposal was not supported by an adequate, comprehensive Social Impact Assessment;
  • the proposed Floor Space Ratio (FSR) and building heights would result in unacceptable amenity impacts on the local area including visual impacts, overshadowing of open space areas, inconsistency with local neighbourhood character, inadequate location and quantity of common and private open space and overlooking of adjacent private properties;
  • the Proposal did not meet the requirements of State Environmental Planning Policy 65 – Residential Flat Design Code regarding the provision of communal open space;
  • the Proposal was not consistent with Section 3.3.3 (Clause 3.3.1) of the Leichhardt Affordable Housing Strategy (2011) which seeks a 10% affordable housing contribution;
  • the proposed reduction in the width of existing streets to accommodate public domain works was considered unacceptable;
  • the proposed one-way share way vehicular movement system would result in an unacceptable number of vehicle movements in Davies Lane;
  • the Proposal would result in significant additional traffic impacts in local intersections;
  • the Proposal did not adequately address compliance with SEPP 55 (Remediation of Land); and
  • the Proposal did not address numerous issues associated with the proposed West Connex Motorway.

In September 2014 the proponent made a request to the Department of Planning and Environment for a pre-Gateway review for the Planning Proposal to rezone and amend applicable planning controls in Leichhardt LEP 2013 for the site.

For further information please see the Council Report of 23 February 2016.