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Master Plan Highlights

The Master Plan highlights key recommendations for mental health, sporting fields, traffic and parking and buildings. It also includes the completion of an updated Conservation Management Plan for the park.

Mental Health

Mental health consumers will be integral to every stage of the Master Plan’s implementation. On site cafes will be run as cooperatives or partnerships with mental health consumers, and other projects will include a key mental health aspect – such as the expansion of Glover’s Community Garden, which will include two plots for the use of mental health rehabilitation. The Master Plan recommends that a minimum of 30% of on site employment be filled by mental health consumers. Council is calling for a mental health recovery and bridging centre in Callan Park to be given urgent attention by the State and Federal Governments.

Sporting Fields

Council has gained approval from the NSW State Government to take temporary care and control of the Glover Street Playing Field. This temporary control allows Council to begin work immediately on designs for the reconstruction and upgrade of the disused fields, in consultation with the local community Local sporting clubs will also be invited to submit an expression of interest for using the field. Council plans to resurface and level the field before returfing it and installing a new irrigation system. The proposal for the field also includes floodlights, fencing and light weight combination goal posts that can be easily moved. While Council will supply the majority of funding for the restoration, it is applying for various grants to help fund the remainder. Council has taken temporary control of the playing fields, however they will eventually be returned to the control of the Trust.

Traffic and Parking

Following intensive campaigning from community groups there will be no increase to parking available in Callan Park. The existing parking at the NSW Ambulance Headquarters will be retained, which can also be accessed by weekend users of the Park. The main vehicle entrance to the park will remain at Cecily Street, while pedestrian access will be via the Alberto Street entrance.

Demolition of Buildings

A number of building have been identified for demolition in the Master Plan however, the Trust will conduct further consultation before any demolitions proceed.

Updated Conservation Management Plan

Historic sites, buildings and memorials on the Callan Park site will have added protection under an updated Conservation Management Plan. The review of the Plan included recording and mapping all of the commemorative items and plaques on site, such as the Aboriginal interpretation plaque by Joe Hurst. All of the buildings and landscaping have also been evaluated to determine their history and their importance. The Plan will make sure that future generations know the significance and location of heritage items in the Park. Read the complete Conservation Management Plan for Callan Park.