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History of State Government Responsibility

In October 2008 the previous State Government announced that it was proposing to transfer the management of approximately 40 hectares of the site to Leichhardt Council through a 99 year lease. 

Callan Park in separate leases is not supported by Council as it destroys the integrity of Callan Park and fragments the future governing of the site.

Leichhardt Council recognised the need for a Master Plan and asked the State Government to develop this for the entire site as is required under The Callan Park (Special Provisions) Act 2002 and the State Environmental Planning Policy No 56 – Sydney Harbour Foreshores and Tributaries.

The previous State Government was not prepared to fund the development of the Master Plan so Leichhardt Council took on the full financial responsibility for the development of the Callan Park Master Plan and Plan of Management. In the process of this work, it was also necessary to develop an updated Conservation Management Plan.

While Council has funded the Master Plan, it still recognises the State Government’s financial responsibility. Council is requesting that the Premier acknowledge the State Government’s obligations and is seeking to recover half of the planning costs.