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Balmain Leagues

The Balmain Leagues club is deemed a major community issue because of the large scale development that has been proposed for this site which is situated on Victoria Road opposite Rozelle Primary School.

Latest News on Balmain Leagues

Public Meeting

On Wednesday 4 November Council held a public meeting to inform the community of details of the current Development Application for the site.

Over 100 people turned up to hear details on the DA, and on Council's endorsed development model.

You can download a full copy of the presentation here (PDF 446.5KB).

Council rejects unlawful offer from Developers

On Tuesday 27 October Council rejected an unlawful offer from the Developers of the Balmain Leagues Club site that would have amounted to granting the club space to Council in return for the addition of equal floor space to the development (another two storeys).

You can read more on Council's rejection of this offer here.

Development Application referred to the Land & Environment Court

On 14 October Council received notice of an appeal by Rozelle Village taking the determination of the Development Application for the former Balmain Leagues Club sit to the Land and Environment Court of NSW.

The regional Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPP) are the consent authority for all large projects over $20 million in NSW and the Sydney East Region JRPP would normally be the consent authority for the Rozelle Village application.

The JRPP had advised Council that it would meet on 3 February 2016 to discuss and possibly determine the matter.

Instead, the Land and Environment Court Directions Hearing, which sets out the timetable for the preparation of evidence and the final date of the hearing, will take place on 5 November 2015.

The final determination of the matter could then take months as the court goes through its normal pre-trial procedures.

New Leagues Club Site Development Application

 On 14 August 2015 Council received a new Development Application (D/2015/438) from Urbis Pty Ltd for the properties generally known as the “Balmain Leagues Club” site.

The application includes:

  • Demolition of existing buildings and remediation of the site;
  • Six (6) basement / lower ground floor levels accessible via Victoria Road and / or Waterloo Street that include parking for 369 car spaces, a loading dock and waste storage areas off Victoria Rd;
  • Public plaza levels with pedestrian access via Waterloo Street, Darling Street and Victoria Road, containing specialty retail areas, supermarket and a new club premises;
  • Construction of a new infill retail / commercial building on Darling Street;
  • Construction of new three level townhouses on Waterloo Street; Construction of two residential towers for 135 apartments, being:
  • a) East tower comprising commercial residential up to 12 levels and
  • b) West tower comprising the specialty retail and club premises, residential apartments above up to 8 levels and construction of a pedestrian bridge across Victoria Road.

Making a submission

Any person may write to Council regarding the application. If you would like to make an objection you must specify the grounds of objection and provide a daytime contact phone number.

You will find the DA and associated documents at Council's Online DA Tracking from 2 October - 4 December 2015.  The application numberis D/2015/438.

Public Information Evening

Council will hold a public information evening in relation to this proposal on Wednesday 4 November 2015 at 6.00pm in the Balmain Town Hall, 370 Darling St Balmain.

Council officers will explain the Development Application, discuss how to make a submission, and answer your questions.

North Elevation

elevation north balmain leagues 

Site Analysis Plan


site analysis plan balmain leagues

Latest News

Get the latest media releases here.

18/03/15 Timeline: Balmain Leagues Club Simplified History

10/03/15 MR:  Balmain Leagues Club’s Return to Rozelle is Council’s Priority

10/03/15 MR:  Balmain Leagues Club Site Rezoning Council Statement

27/11/14 MR: Smaller and more locally-sensitive rezoning for Balmain Leagues Site

Development Model

In May 2015 Council voted to support a development limited to 6 and 8 storeys on the former Balmain Leagues Club site, as long as the prospective developer intends to include new premises for the Leagues Club.

Independent consultants ARUP investigated a range of models for the development of the site. They were instructed to achieve a commercially viable development that included the club, acknowledged and respected the local context and would not trigger the sort of traffic problems that led to previous applications being rejected by both the independent Joint Regional Planning Panel and the NSW State Planning Assessment Commission

Council voted to support an option that was commercially viable, sensitive to the local context and a solution to traffic woes that have plagued previous development applications.

Council also signalled that any density of development beyond the current zoning on the site needed to include the Balmain Leagues Club as a tenant.

  • The option adopted by council includes:
  • A leagues club at 2033 m2, noting that a further 1000 m2 is available for commercial uses such as a gym or childcare
  • Retail area of 870 m2 with a wide range of uses that could include a small supermarket to service the needs of new and existing residents
  • A residential component of 116 units
  • On site car parking of up to 329 spaces

The retail area and car parking in particular has been designed so as not to trigger traffic problems in the surrounding streets and on the transport artery of Victoria Road.

These controls would allow this development to go ahead and will be supported by Council as long as the Balmain Leagues Club is included as a tenant by any prospective developers.

If not, Council will move to rezone the site to conform with the surrounding business district zoning of 1.5:1.

Council remains committed to seeing the Balmain Leagues Club return to Rozelle and seeks to accommodate a Leagues Club in the new planning controls.

Major Project Application Determined

The major project application was refused by the Planning Assessment Commission on the 11 April 2014. The reasons for the refusal, and the assessment report prepared by NSW Department of Planning and can be viewed here:  

Balmain revised proposal sketchBackground to Balmain Leagues

In 2010, the owner of the Balmain Leagues Club site, proposed a development for the site which included a structure of 5 and 11 storeys. The Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) refused the application because of size, design and traffic impacts.

The current owner and developer of the site, Rozelle Village Pty Ltd, then submitted a new proposal for a much larger development – two structures at 26 storeys and one at 32 storeys – which was not supported by the Department of Planning. and likely determined by the State-appointed Planning Assessment Commission (PAC). The new proposal had doubled floor space; tripled commercial space and added 4,259 m² of retail floor space. The club size has been decreased by 324m² from the previous proposal.

The applicant was asked to lodge revised documentation to address a range of height, size, urban design, traffic, parking and retail considerations.  The applicant then submitted a revised proposal reducing the building to 24 storeys.  This is still considered a huge development by Council.

Leichhardt Council made a further submission to the amended proposal in December 2012.  Read the Balmain Leagues Club Timeline for a simplified history of the Balmain Leagues Club site.

Balmain first proposal sketchLeichhardt Council's Submissions

Submission to the revised proposal

Leichhardt Council prepared another submission to the amended development in December 2012.  See the submission below:

Submission to the first proposal

Leichhardt Council finalised its submission for the Balmain Leagues Club Site proposed development and submitted it to the Department of Planning. View the final submission and related submission attachments below:

Letter to Residents following the amended proposal

A letter was distributed to local residents on 12 February. Download the pdf-new-icon.gifLetter to Residents re: Modified Rozelle Access (PDF 1MB)

Leichhardt Council Resolutions


Media Release on Balmain Leagues

10 March 2015 - Balmain Leagues Club’s Return to Rozelle is Council’s Priority

10 March 2015 - Balmain Leagues Club Site Rezoning Council Statement

27 November 2014 - Smaller and more locally-sensitive rezoning for Balmain Leagues Site

Friday 5 September, 2014 - Dave Smith Wants Balmain Tigers Extinct?

Tuesday 22 July 2014 - Tigers Must Return Home with Sensible Development

Tuesday 15 April 2014 - Council Welcomes Rozelle Village Refusal

Thursday 10 April 2014 - Hundreds Rally To Save The Tigers

Wednesday 26 March - Community Rally to Save Tigers


Meetings about Balmain Leagues

The Balmain Leagues Club issue was discussed at the following meetings:

Relevant documents about Balmain Leagues

All submissions and the amended plans to the proposal can be found on the Department of Planning Major Developments website

The following documents regarding the Balmain Leagues Club proposal are also available below:

Documents from the applicants 2012 amended proposal

pdf-new-icon.gifPhotomontages from the applicants 2012 amended proposal (PDF 765.1KB)

Documents from the applicant’s first 2012 proposal

Environmental Assessment Report

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - Environmental Assessment Report (PDF 2.6MB)

Views Analysis

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - View analysis from Darling Street.pdf (PDF 90.7KB) 

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - View analysis from Ironcove Bridge.pdf (PDF 105.9KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - View analysis from Leichhardt Park.pdf (PDF 166.3KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - View analysis from Rodd Point.pdf (PDF 89.2KB)


pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - North Elevation.pdf (PDF 85.7KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - North East Elevations.pdf (PDF 104.7KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Balmain Leagues - South and Southwest Elevations.pdf (PDF 95.2KB)


The LEP 2000 applies to the Balmain Leagues Club site. This Balmain Leagues Club site was deferred from LEP 2013 by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure until such time as the current project application is finalised.

View the LEP 2000 Written Instrument here

View the LEP 2000 Zoning Maps here


Save The Tigers

The former Leichhardt Council supported the Balmain Tigers Rugby League Football Club and is looking at options to support the Club.

Until court proceedings between the Leagues Club and Rozelle Village are finalised, the Leagues Club is prohibited from paying money to the Balmain Tigers Rugby League Fo0tball Club.

Without the financial support from the Leagues Club, the Football Club does not have enough money for its activities at senior and junior levels.

Any support provided by Council must be non-financial.

Council wants to tap into, and build, community support for Balmain Tigers.

The Football Club is setting up a Foundation to raise funds to keep them going – this is how you can help.

Further details about the foundation will be provided as soon as they are available.

Save the Tiger Public Meeting - 9 April 2014

Council held a Save the Tigers Public Meeting on 9 April 2014 at Balmain Town Hall.

Read the pdf-new-icon.gifMinutes from the 9 April Public Meeting here (PDF 22.9KB)

To keep up to date about our campaign to save the Tigers, and any changes regarding the application to develop the former site of the Balmain Leagues Club, please subscribe to our ENews.

You will receive a short weekly update from Council plus any news specifically about the campaign to Save the Tigers.

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