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Rates Information

RatesRates can be paid annually and are due by 31 August each year.

Rates can be also be paid quarterly and are due:

  • 1st instalment 31 August
  • 2nd instalment 30 November
  • 3rd instalment 28 February
  • 4th instalment 31 May

The due dates and the amounts payable for each instalment are shown on your Rates notice.  Council will send you an instalment notice at least one month before payment is due. Please ensure your payment reaches us by the due date shown on your notice.


Late Payments

If your annual or quarterly payment is not paid in full by the due date, interest is payable on the amount overdue.  Interest is calculated on all overdue rates and charges at the rate shown on your rates notice. 
Please note that online payments are not processed to Council's account until the next banking business day, accordingly please consider your banking organisation's payment delays.  We accept no responsibilty for the late processing of your payment.

You can: 

Council also has a range of other Rate Payment Options  

What do I get for my Rates?

Your Ordinary Rates contribute to range of services that help you and other members of your community in the way that you live, work and play. In Leichhardt, your rates contribute to the following services:

  • Recreation facilities such as public swimming pools and sporting fields 
  • Libraries, community facilities, parks & open space
  • Maintenance of lawns, gardens and nature strips
  • Specific group services such as children, young people, older people, people with disabilities, indigenous people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Infrastructure such as local roads, buildings, drainage, bridges, boat ramps, public toilets and picnic areas
  • Environmental planning and pollution control
  • Regulation and inspections to ensure fire safety and building standards are met
  • Public health, waste education, waste management and recycling services
  • Street cleansing and clearing of litter
  • Strategic planning and planning control of traffic movement, sign posting, safety and transport integration
  • Street lighting
  • Bus shelters and other public seating
  • Health inspections of food premises
  • Dog, cat & pest control
  • Parking areas and control of illegal parking
  • Planning and development
  • Emergency services, safety and security

Rates do not contribute to Waste Management Services. Council levies a separate charge for this service under the Domestic Waste Charge. Domestic waste management charges include garbage, cleanup and recycling services.

Ordinary Rates, Special Rates, Domestic Waste Charge and Stormwater Charge are ALL exempt from the GST in accordance with Goods and Services Tax legislation.

Categorisation of Land

All rateable land within the Leichhardt Council Municipality is categorised as either Residential or Business for rating purposes.

Residential Land is categorised as residential if:

  • Its use is for residential accommodation (but not as a hotel, motel, guest house, backpacker hostel or nursing home)
  • It is vacant land zoned for residential purposes

Business Land is categorised as business if:

  • It cannot be categorised as farmland, residential or mining
  • The main land uses in the business category are commercial and industrial

If a property has both Residential and Business use, you can apply to either Council or the Valuer General for consideration as a mixed development. If usage of the property changes (eg. Residential to Business) you must notify Council within 30 days of any such change.

Use the pdf-new-icon.gifChange in Category of Land Application (PDF 152.6KB) to apply for a change.

Change of Address

If your current postal address is different from the address shown on the front of the Rate Notice, please notify Council immediately. Notification must be in writing and can be made by post, fax or email.
If you have an agent managing your property, the agent may advise us directly in writing, on your behalf.

Change of Name

If you have changed your name by Deed Poll or by marriage you must contact the office of the Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW 
The LPI will require a copy of all supporting documentation to process the alterations to your name. The LPI will alter the title deeds and notify Council of the change.

GST on Rates and Charges

Ordinary Rates, Special Rates,Domestic Waste Charge and Stormwater Charge are ALL exempt from the GST in accordance with Goods and Services Tax legislation.

Rates levied in 2016/2017

The Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) of NSW each year advises of the maximum percentage by which Councils are permitted to increase their total rate income. For 2015/16 the approved maximum increase is 2.4%, which has been incorporated in the 2015/16 budget.

 Rate  Category  Application  Ad Valorem  $ Minimum Rate (cents in $)
 % Total Rate
 Rate Yield

 Entire Municipality
 $628  26%
 Entire Municipality
 7%  $13,530,353
 Total Yield:            $41,823,571


Interest on overdue rates and charges will be at the approved rate of interest of 8.0% pa.
Rates are calculated on land valuations provided by the Valuer General with a base date of 1/7/2014.

Domestic Waste Management Charge

Council must levy a separate charge for domestic waste management services. The cost of these services cannot be financed from ordinary rates and the charge must be sufficient to recover the reasonable costs of providing the services. Domestic waste management charges include garbage, cleanup and recycling services.