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Promotion and Marketing Strategy for the Leichhardt LGA

Marketing StrategyLeichhardt Council commissioned the development of a 3 - 5 Year Marketing and Promotion Strategy to help revitalise high streets, business precincts and define our unique point of difference. The purpose of the strategy is to encourage shoppers, workers and visitors to spend more time within the Leichhardt LGA and spend more.

It is important for Council to work in partnership with local businesses to promote the LGA’s strong sense of place, unique identity and to encourage greater innovation and creativity to assist existing businesses to expand and to encourage new business ventures to relocate here.

This Strategy was developed as a result of the extensive consultation and actions that came from the Employment and Economic Development Plan which was undertaken in 2013.

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Find a summary of the Marketing Strategy below.



Draft Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Key Issues

The Strategy aims to address a number of important issues, including (but not limited to):

  • Creating a better understanding of the diverse nature of the very distinctive areas (Leichhardt, Annandale, Balmain, Rozelle, etc.);
  • Encouraging the refreshment and updating of commercial buildings in our LGA;

    Draft Promotion and Marketing Strategy

  • Encouraging the major roads through the LGA to act as feeders into our main streets and business precincts;
  • Encouraging our restaurants and cafes to retain their authenticity and quality;
  • Maximising opportunities from our tourism assets such as the White Bay Cruise Ship Terminal, so businesses can benefit to a far greater extent; and
  • Making our public urban spaces more interestingand exciting in tandem with surrounding commercial buildings.

Draft Promotion and Marketing StrategyOur Distinct Areas

There are four distinct areas that make up our LGA, comprising the Leichhardt area, Annandale, Rozelle-Lilyfield and Balmain-Birchgrove which are unique with clear points of difference and, at times, quite diverse communities.

They form what we consider is a Mosaic, with the major arterial roads effectively separating these areas to form clearly defined mosaic pieces.

These areas have unique differences reflecting the diverse nature of business activities as well as the associated communities. In each of these areas Council is looking to update public spaces to make them more appealing and, in turn, linking with adjacent landowners and businesses to stimulate greater local and visitor interest for shopping, events and other activities.

Draft Promotion and Marketing StrategyActions Now Required

The Strategy is a detailed document with specific actions to drive greater visitor numbers, higher spend patterns and to offer ways of improving our main street revitalisation requirements to support business growth. Council will take a lead role and work alongside local businesses and chambers of commerce to get things happening. There are many actions identified in the Strategy which support the revitalisation, particularly of main streets and business precincts, with a few of the key actions proposed include:

  • Leasing areas of public land for pop-up restaurants/cafés and retail (where appropriate);
  • Improving street design (signage, public furniture landscaping and lighting) and encouraging more day and night time activities (events and experiences) to stimulate greater business activity;
  • Reinvigorating the entertainment offer by building on our live music scene (by way of example);
  • Investigating low rental and physical upgrade packages to attract creative organisations to relocate into the LGA;
  • Improving the ability of pedestrians to move across the various major arterial roads which dissect our LGA;
  • Investigating introducing gateway structures, particularly on Balmain Road and Norton Street, to encourage and entice more people to come into our business precincts and main streets;
  • Introducing better directional way finding signage and 24/7 touch screens to provide more information on places to shop, upcoming events and offering community information;
  • Marketing more walking and historical trails using our extensive network of attractive laneways and streets to encourage more people to spend time (and spend more) within our LGA;
  • Working with pub owners to market the quality pub food and music experiences which we offer;
  • Working with Marrickville City Council to promote the live music scene, particularly along Parramatta Road, to help invigorate our part of Parramatta Road;
  • Developing a high quality digital platform for the LGA (new destination website and integrated mobile app) to link businesses products into the website for promotional purposes;
  • Encouraging Sydney Ferries to bring more people to the LGA;
  • Establishing a working group of owners and others to drive a program of building improvements and to link these to public space upgrades which Council can control; and
  • Working with various performing arts schools, theatre companies and local repertoire groups to develop street performances to enliven our main streets.

Draft Promotion and Marketing StrategyWhat Council Will Do

To activate the marketing and promotional initiatives which the Strategy contains, Council will look to improve public space areas by:

  • Improving the quality and attractiveness of our public spaces and, through this, work with adjoining private building owners and businesses to grow business activity;
  • Promoting the Leichhardt LGA as a highly authentic, interesting and idiosyncratic area to grow our visitor markets;
  • Developing and marketing our Mosaic brand experiences, reflecting the unique areas identified within the LGA; and
  • Working with key stakeholders to improve not only business activity but overall liveability within our communities.

Draft Promotion and Marketing StrategyWhat We Need From Business and Property Owners

Council is keen to partner with businesses to help promote and market our main streets and business precincts. To do this however, we need our business and property owners to work with us to:

  • Improve commercial buildings and adjacent public spaces to make them far more attractive and interesting;
  • Upgrade the façade of buildings through a variety of clever initiatives identified in the Strategy;
  • Partner with Council on main street events, festivals and other ways of bringing business precincts alive;
  • Improve the heritage features on buildings and public areas to make them more unique, special and interesting;
  • Get involved in promotion and marketing programs; and
  • Support this Mosaic Marketing approach which offers a clear point of difference for the various areas within our LGA and to market the uniqueness in our main streets and business precincts.