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Leichhardt Access Plan

Leichhardt Access Plan coverLeichhardt Council is strongly committed to supporting the development of a community which is inclusive of all of its residents, workers and visitors. Extensive community consultation has led to the development of a revised Community Strategic Plan Leichhardt 2025+. This is the overarching planning document which lays out the longerterm strategic directions for Council and to which Service Delivery Plans, such as the Disability Discrimination Act Action Plan aka Leichhardt Access Plan (LAP) 2014-2017 

Leichhardt 2025+ has two headline social goals:

1. Community Well-being
“A Leichhardt community that is equitable, cohesive, connected, caring, diverse, healthy, safe, culturally active, creative and innovative and has a strong sense of belonging and place.”

2. Accessibility
“Easy access for people, services, information and facilities that promotes the amenity, health and safety of the community and that reduces private car dependency for all travel”.

A key feature of an inclusive community is the extent to which it enacts strategies and actions to ensure that its citizens with a disability have equality of access across key domains which impact on quality of life. In a cumulative benefit, improving accessibility enhances quality of life for the whole community.

Read the pdf-new-icon.gifLeichhardt Access Plan (PDF 272.5KB)