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Strategic Service Plans

Council has developed a suite of supporting Strategic Service Plans to support the delivery of our Community Strategic Plan, Leichhardt 2025+ including:

Each plan comprises an integrated 10 year strategic service plan, supported by a 4 year service delivery plan, that addresses the aspirations and challenges of the Leichhardt Local Government Area.

A précis of each plan is provided below along with links to the individual plans.

Community and Cultural Plan

Strategic Service PlansThe Community and Cultural Plan identifies that local governments have a specific role in planning for local communities in a way that builds on community strengths, while responding to the current and future situations predicted by social research.
View the Community and Cultural Plan



Employment and Economic Development Plan

EEDThe Employment and Economic development plan provides a strategic framework to help realise the community’s vision of a sustainable, liveable and connected community.
View the Employment and Economic Development Plan



Environmental Sustainability Plan

The Environmental Sustainability Plan aims to guide Council's actions towards an environmentally sustainable and liveable community.
View the Environmental Sustainability Plan


Integrated Transport Plan

The Integrated Transport Plan aims to connect people to each other and connect people to place by fostering environmental improvements and improve safety for all of the community.
View the Integrated Transport Plan



In addition to the above mentioned Strategic Service Plans a number of other plans have been developed including:

 A précis of each plan is provided below along with links to the individual plans. 

Climate Change Plan

The Climate Change Plan is the principal policy framework for corporate decision-making in response to climate change.
View the Climate Change Plan



Healthy Ageing Plan
HAPThe Health Ageing Plan provides strategic direction for Council and the community on planning which considers our ageing population. The Healthy Ageing Plan emphasises collaborate strategic planning across all sectors, strong partnerships with the community, and will guide innovative programming across all Key Service Areas of Leichhardt Council.

View the Healthy Ageing Plan

Leichhardt Access Plan


The Leichhardt Access Plan supports the development of a community which is inclusive of all of its residents, workers and visitors.
View the Leichhardt Access Plan


Reconciliation Action Plan

The RAP is Council’s guiding document on action towards reconciliation. The RAP involved the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community of Leichhardt, in community and cultural development processes that contributed material to the RAP.
View the Leichhardt Reconciliation Action Plan


Promotion Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The Promotion and Marketing Strategy has been developed to help revitalise high streets, business precincts and defining our unique point of difference.

View the Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Leichhardt Bike Plan
Leichhardt Bike Plan

The Leichhardt Bike Plan responds to Leichhardt Council's requirement for a new plan prepared to reflect existing and future community needs and provide information, tools and strategies to achieve goals set out in Leichhardt 2025+.
View the Leichhardt Bike Plan here