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Planning and Resourcing Our Future

The NSW Government adopted an Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework for local councils, requiring each council to develop a Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, Operational Plan and a Resourcing Strategy.

In response to the legislation, Leichhardt Council adopted an Integrated Planning & Reporting framework. The framework has a tiered structure designed to cascade down, from Community Strategic Plan 2025+, Strategic Service Plans, Delivery Program and Operational Plan and to the Annual Report.

The indicative relationship between Leichhardt 2025+, the Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework and other Leichhardt Council plans and strategies is provided below: 

IPR Framework

 A summary of each component within our Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework is provided below.

Community Strategic Plans


CSPLeichhardt 2025+

Our Community Strategic Plan, Leichhardt 2025 + is was developed following extensive community consultation and is structured around six (6) Key Service Areas of which each are supported by a goal as provided below:



The six Goals provide a Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) framework to plan social, environmental, economic and civic leadership outcomes to deliver a sustainable and liveable community.
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Strategic Service PlansStrategic Service Plans

Council has developed a suite of Strategic Service Plans and other Plans to support the delivery of our Community Strategic Plan, Leichhardt 2025+.
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DPOPBudget - Delivery Program & Operational Plan

Our Budget - Delivery Program & Operational Plan identifies a number of Objectives, Strategies supporting each of the six key service areas.
Our Delivery Program 2014 - 2018 outlines our 4 year commitment to our community.
Find more information about the Budget - Delivery Program and Operational Plan

RSResourcing Strategy

Our Resourcing Strategy consists of three main components, being the Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan and Workforce Management Plan.
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ARAnnual Report

Our Annual Report provides a year in review and is designed to meet all our statutory requirements under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 and is prepared within five months of the end of the each financial year.
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Monitoring our progress

To ensure greater transparency and promote good governance Council maintains a quarterly reporting regime of our Delivery Program and Operational Plan, which is finalised within three (3) months of the end of each quarter.
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Community Engagement

Council is committed to engaging with its communities. 
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Further Information

Should you have any questions or comments on our Integrated Planning and Reporting framework, please contact Director Corporate & Information Services or Manager Customer Service & Corporate Planning on (02) 9367 9222, or via email