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Community Strategic Plans

Our Community Strategic Plans were developed and adopted by Council, in line with NSW Integrated Planning and Reporting legislation.

Leichhardt 2025+


Leichhardt 2025+ is a 10 year plan for the Leichhardt Local Government Area (the LGA) and presents our vision and long term goals and objectives to make sure that they are consistent and represent the shared vision for Council and the community in our area and sets clear goals to meet this vision.

The Plan is a strategic document that: 

  • Presents a long term vision for our area.
  • Identifies our social, environmental, economic and civic leadership aspirations and challenges.
  • Presents the goals, strategies and objectives for Council, the community and other levels of government to deliver in partnership.

Our plan was based on an ongoing conversation within the community. Community participation was the central process in the development of our first community strategic plan Leichhardt 2020+. Over 1,200 members of our community and staff were engaged through workshops, surveys and interviews. Innovative processes were used to involve a wide range of people.

While many issues were raised, there was one consistent message. The most important thing for Leichhardt’s future as a ‘sustainable and liveable community’ was - The way community, Councillors and staff work together to resolve future challenges, competing issues and interests.

Since 2007 and guided by Leichhardt 2020+, Council has engaged with the community in an ongoing conversation - to talk in more detail about how we can improve community wellbeing and accessibility, how we can develop a liveable place, how we can protect and restore the environment and how we can build thriving businesses in the community.

In 2013 we’ve had the opportunity to bring these conversations together and consider social, environmental, economic and civic leadership issues and priorities as a whole. Over 1,000 people - including residents, Councillors and Council staff - have been engaged in considering the issues we face today, the challenges ahead and our priorities for the future, so that our Community Strategic Plan continues to remain relevant.

Details on the Community Engagement Process are available here.

Leichhardt 2025 + was adopted by Council, on the 25 June 2013 and will be reviewed every four years. 

View  Leichhardt 2025+

Leichhardt 2020+

View Leichhardt 2020+, our previous Community Strategic Plan.