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2025+ Community Engagement Strategy

The 2025+ Community Engagement Strategy outlines the engagement process undertake to develop our 2025+ Community Strategic Plan. You can read the strategy below in PDF or Word format:

pdf-new-icon.gif2025+ Community Engagement Strategy (PDF 1MB)
word-new-icon.gif2025+ Community Engagement Strategy (DOCX 1.3MB)

How we reached the Adopted Leichhardt 2025+ Community Strategic Plan

During the first half of 2013 Council conducted a range of consultation with our community about the 2025+ Plan.

Saturday 9 March: Information Stalls
10am-12pm: Balmain, Loyalty Square and Rozelle, Rozelle Square

Saturday 16 March: Information Stalls 
10am-12pm: Leichhardt, Norton Plaza and Annandale, Corner of Johnston and Booth Streets

Saturday 23 March: Community Workshop
1-4pm: Callan Park, Building 504 (bottom of Wharf Road).

Monday 13 May: Public Meeting
6.30pm-8.15pm, Leichhardt Council Chambers

Tuesday 21 May: Extraordinary Meeting
7.00pm-10.00pm, Leichhardt Council Chambers

Monday 17 June: Public meeting
The exhibited draft Plan

Tuesday 25 June: Ordinary Council Meeting
Leichhardt 2025+ adopted

We’ve made a lot of great progress over the last five years implementing Leichhardt 2020+ thanks to your help. If you’d like some information about what has been done, take a look at these links:

All of these plans have been in response to the directions set by Leichhardt 2020+ and will better inform the development of Leichhardt 2025+.