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Council maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS), a system to store, analyse and display spatial information usually in the form of maps. At the current time this system is internal and not accessible from the internet.Residents and customers are able to view the information on the GIS by coming into the Customer Service Centre in the administration building in Leichhardt. Data on the mapping system includes:

  • Planning information like LEP, contamination and flooding etc
  • Parcel boundaries and leases
  • Contours
  • Council’s fixed assets
  • Community facilities
  • Current and historic aerials

A4 and A3 maps from this system can be purchased from the Customer Service Centre. Please use this map order form  (PDF 141.4KB). Please contact the GIS Coordinator at Council if you have any mapping questions by email

Out and About in Leichhardt Map

The Out and About map of the Leichhardt area contains information the location of facilities and services useful to residents. Out and About in Leichhardt Map  (PDF 11.6MB)

Zoning/LEP Maps

Find the Leichhardt Local Environment Plan 2013 maps on the Council's LEP page

Other mapping sources

There are a variety of free and online mapping sources that you could use to answer your spatial questions.

General mapping

Google maps:

Bing maps:


Planning and Development

Infrastructure projects in your local area:

Planner Viewer

The Planning Viewer provides public access to the map layers for planning maps like the Local Environment Plan for various local government areas in NSW including Leichhardt Council.The service is maintained by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

SIX Maps

SIX stands for Spatial Information eXchange and is an online mapping tool for NSW developed by NSW Land and Property Information (LPI). This mapping tool is best used in Firefox or Chrome, but still does OK in Internet Explorer

Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV)

Developed my NSW LPI (Land and Property Information), this website allows you to access historic land records

Economics and Demography

Community Profile

Council has subscribed to a series of externally developed products which assist Council, the general public, students, community groups, business and investors to become more informed about the community. The data is presented in easy to use tables, charts, maps and commentary to answer frequently asked sociodemographic questions. We welcome you to use this free information resource to find out more about the profile of our LGA.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Census

The census is conducted every 5 years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics – a federal government department. This page lists the variety of tools you can use to access their data.

NSW Bureau of Transport Statistics Data Visualisations

The Bureau of Transport Statistics (BTS) collects transport, employment and population data and provides advice and analysis. This page lists the variety of tools you can use to access their data.

Environment and Terrain

NSW Globe

This product needs Google Earth software (free download of Google Earth here). NSW Globe is a free and easy way to view NSW Government spatial data. Using Google's familiar search and mapping functionality, you can navigate through medium to high-resolution imagery and elevation data, and imagery datasets covering past and present emergency events for flood and fire. Produced by NSW LPI (Land and Property Information)

NSW Natural Resource Atlas

Map, query and download environmental data for NSW. Includes water, soils, vegetation, fauna and geoscience datasets. Warning: map loading and refresh is slow.

Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia applies geoscience to Australia's most important challenges by providing geoscience information and data. This website provides information on hazards, minerals and energy, earth observation, satellite imagery and positioning/navigation (GPS). You can find various maps of Australia and data sources here

Atlas of Living Australia

The Atlas of Living Australia (Atlas) contains information on all the known species in Australia aggregated from a wide range of data providers: museums, herbaria, community groups, government departments, individuals and universities.

Department of Agriculture: ABARES data tools

The Department of Agriculture is federal government department. This page lists the variety of tools you can use to access their data. The tools are rather technical in nature for use in the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors but contains mapping information on vegetation, rainfall and climate


Cultural Atlas of Australia

The Cultural Atlas of Australia is an interactive digital map designed to meet the needs of anyone interested in tracing the ways in which Australian places and spaces have been represented in fictional texts

NSW Tourism

Not strictly a mapping website – but you can find out about the fantastic tourism opportunities through out NSW – especially Leichhardt.

For fun


The classic GPS outdoor adventure game, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world.


Strava is a website and mobile app used to track athletic activity via GPS. The most popular activities tracked using the software are cycling and running. The basic service is free but there is an optional pay component which allows members to gain access to additional statistical detail


The MapMyFitness suite of mobile apps and websites to make fitness social, simple and rewarding. The flagship consumer brands – MapMyRun, MapMyRide, and MapMyWalk – are among the most popular apps on iOS and Android and the cloud-based platform has been supporting millions of users since it launched in 2007. MapMyFitness is an open platform, seamlessly integrating with more than 400 fitness tracking devices, sensors and wearables


A free bicycle route mapping and sharing website created by cyclists for cyclists