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2013 Extraordinary Meetings

Find all Extraordinary Meetings held by Leichhardt Council in 2013 below:

25 September 2013 - Mayoral Election

pdf-new-icon.gif Item 1 - Election of Mayor (PDF 74.4KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Item 2 - Election of Deputy Mayor (PDF 28.5KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Minutes - 25 September 2013 Extraordinary Meeting (PDF 39.7KB)


21 May 2013 - Leichhardt 2025+ Community Strategic Plan, 2013/2014 Budget and Draft LEP.

pdf-new-icon.gifItem 1 - Leichhardt 2025+ Community Strategic Plan and Draft Delivery Program, Operating Plan, Budget & Resourcing Strategy  (PDF 1.3MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifLeichhardt 2025+ Community Strategic Plan  (PDF 3.5MB) 

pdf-new-icon.gifDraft Budget 2013-2017 Delivery Program and 2013 -2014 Operational Plan (PDF 3.2MB) 

pdf-new-icon.gifDraft Resourcing Strategy (PDF 1.3MB)       

pdf-new-icon.gifDraft Resourcing Strategy  Part 2 (PDF 2.4MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifService: Buildings (PDF 4.1MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifService: Parks & Open Space (PDF 5.4MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifService: Stormwater Management  (PDF 3.8MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifService: Transport & Infrastructure (PDF 8.3MB) 

pdf-new-icon.gifItem 2 - Heritage Inventory Sheets Review (PDF 7.3MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifItem 3 - Evaluation of Submissions in Relation to Draft Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan 2012 - Section 68 Public Exhibition (PDF 444.5KB) 

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment 1 - Draft Leichhardt Local Environmental 2012 WrittenInstrument with proposed changes (PDF 3.3MB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 2.0  - Map Cover Sheet (PDF 30.7KB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment 2A  - Acid Sulfate Soils Maps (PDF 3.3MB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 2B - Additional Permitted Uses Map (formerly key sites map) (PDF 2.2MB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 2C - Foreshore Building Maps (PDF 2.6MB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 2D - Floor Space Ratio Maps (PDF 3.9MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment 2E - Heritage Maps (PDF 5MB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 2F - and Application Map (PDF 2MB) 

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 2G- Land Reservation Acquisition Maps (PDF 1.8MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment 2H - Lot Size Maps (PDF 3.7MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment 2I  - Land Zoning Maps (PDF 4.6MB) 

 pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment 3 - Local Government Area (LGA) wide matters (PDF 1019.3KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 4 - Site Specific Requests-Corrected  (PDF 133.4KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 5 - Public Authorities (PDF 93.8KB)

pdf-new-icon.gif Attachment 6 - Former Balmain Leagues Club  (PDF 336KB)

Note: Under the Local Government Act we must give at least 3 clear days notice of the meeting and the business to be transacted at the meeting. These items were not received in time to provide the 3 clear days notice. As such, if they are to be considered at this meeting, they will need to be dealt with as a Matter of Urgency and Council will need to resolve as such.

 pdf-new-icon.gifItem 4 -Hogan Park - Urgency Motion (PDF 28.4KB)            

pdf-new-icon.gifItem 5 - 77 Taylor Street Annandale - Urgency Motion (PDF 143.3KB) 

pdf-new-icon.gifMinutes - 21 May 2013 Extraordinary Meeting (PDF 329KB)


19 March 2013 - Draft Employment and Economic Development Plan Exhibition

pdf-new-icon.gifDraft Leichhardt Employment and Economic Development Plan - Public Exhibition (PDF 77.2KB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment A - 10 Year Strategic Service Plan  (PDF 2.5MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment B - 4 Year Service Delivery Plan (PDF 1.2MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment C - Council Report: Grant Funding For Local Environmental Plan and Employment and Economic Development Plan (PDF 1.4MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment C - Council Resolution: Grant Funding For Local Environmental Plan and Employment and Economic Development Plan (PDF 929.6KB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment D - Socio-economic Profile (PDF 7.7MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment E - Consultation Strategy and Outcomes Report (PDF 2.4MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifAttachment F - Vacancy Rates Study (PDF 2.3MB)

pdf-new-icon.gifMinutes - 19 March 2013 Extraordinary Meeting (PDF 34.6KB)