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Political Donations

As of 1 September 2008, political donations or electoral expenditure of $1000 or more must be disclosed under the Election Funding and Disclosures Act 1981, when making planning applications or submissions in respect to planning applications. This can include donations in kind that are valued at over $1,000, and also involves donations of less than $1,000 where the total of the donations from multiple donors exceeds this figure.


Relevant Planning Applications

A relevant planning application includes:

  • A formal request to the Minister, a Council or the Director General to initiate the making of an environmental planning instrument, such as a revision to the Local Environmental Plan to allow for a different or more intensive use of land or development control plan in relation to a particular site;
  • A formal request to the Minister or Director General for development on a particular site to be made State Significant;
  • An application for a development consent; and
  • Any other application or request under or for the purpose of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 that is prescribed by the Regulations as a relevant planning application.

Certain planning applications are not relevant planning applications, including:

  • Applications for complying development certificates;
  • An application made for or on behalf of a public authority; and
  • Any application excluded by the Regulations.

When and how to make a declaration

Disclosure statements are to be made in a statement accompanying the relevant planning application or submission if the donation or gift is made before the application or submission is made.
Where the gift or donation is made after the relevant planning application is made, disclosure must be made within 7 days of the gift or donation being made.

Use the pdf-new-icon.gifPolitical Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement Form (PDF 109.4KB) to make a declaration.

Past Declarations

Visit the Election Funding Authority website for more information and to search and view copies of previous declarations lodged by Councillors